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Carbon Action Module Private Session

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Virtual March 9
Carbon Action Module Private Session

Join the private roundtable discussion on the EcoVadis Carbon Action Module taking place Tuesday, March 9 at 4:00pm CET during our Sustain annual conference.

Climate action and the reduction of Scope-3 carbon emissions is top of the agenda for leading companies in 2021 as the world is transitioning to a zero-carbon economy. The new EcoVadis Carbon Action Module will help drive the performance, impact, and ultimately the reduction of carbon emissions where it matters the most: in the supply chain. We will discuss best practices and strategies for decarbonizing vast supply chains, including:

  • How to tackle decarbonization in vast supply chains
  • Building an effective engagement journey to drive impact and performance
  • Utilizing data to turn procurement into a catalyst for decarbonization

Join this invite-only session for the opportunity to discuss the new Carbon Action Module and explore its features in an executive-level roundtable.

For more information on Sustain 2021, EcoVadis’ annual conference taking place March 8 – 9, visit the link below.

Sustain 2021

We look forward to seeing you there!

Julia Salant

Head of Sustainability Innovation, EcoVadis

Sophie Bertreau

New Solutions Manager, EcoVadis

Lamia Afify

Customer Success Manager, EcoVadis
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